Little Homes Multi Function Double Pan 28cm

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Product Material

*Inner Coating - Non Stick Coating                               
*Outer Coating - Heat Resistance Coating                         
*Handle: H101 Magnetic Bakelite Hand E60 Chromed Side Handle                 

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1. Steam Rack: 304 Stainless Steel                               
2. Steam Plate: 430 Stainless Steel                               
3. Lid: Tempered Glass & D54 Standable Bakelite Knob         
4. Extra Silicone Ring


*Up Pan: 29.5*5cm*thickness 2.5cm
*Down Pan: 31*7.5cm*thickness 2.3cm
1. Steam Rack: 24cm*2/4cm foot
2. Steam Plate: Diameter 25.3cm
3. Lid: Diameter: 26cm

*Multifunctional Pan                                           
*Can be used together or apart                                 
*The Pan could work as a normal pan & wok pan               
*No need for too many pan or wok in your kitchen               
*All our design is aiming for better cooking experience & combine with Non stick coating for clean easily as a snap           
*Ideal to use for Stew, Shallow Frying, Deep Frying, Poaching Eggs, Stir-Frying, Frying, Baking, Boil & Steam