Little Homes Marble Non Stick 18cm Sauce Pot with Glass Lid

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Good quality non-stick pot with glass lid
• Color: Dark Grey
• Material: Non-stick Marble coating
• Handle Material: High grade PVC
• Dimension: 18cm x 7.5cm(H)
Product Features:

• Sleek Marble design
• Sauce pot is great in making any types of sauces, jam, boiling milk, making hot beverages e.g tea & coffee
• Family of 2 to 3 – to boil, cook or fry
• Students living in hostels or on their own
• Eco-friendly pot delivers unprecedented non-stick performance without risk of exposure to controversial chemicals
• Heat resistant handle for easier handling of pan 
• Easy storage – just hang your pan on your kitchen wall and doesn’t take up space in your cabinets
• Suitable for both gas stove and electric stove
• Non-slip Aluminium base to ensure pot is not easily moved during cooking
• Aluminium base spreads and energy evenly making it easier to regulate heat so the food does not burn and stick
• Strong fastening to ensure handle does not become loose during handling
• Glass lid – Easy Monitoring
• Lid is tight fitting
• Knob is aluminium coated and comfortable to handle