Little Homes Enamel Black Wok - S 30cm, M 34cm & L 38cm

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Product Specifications:

Material: Enamel with Bakelite Handle


  1. (Small) 30cm Wok : (Dia) 30cm x (Height) 9.5cm
  2. (Medium) 34cm Wok : (Dia) 34cm x (Height) 10cm
  3. (Large) 38cm Wok :  (Dia) 38cm x (Height) 10cm

Product Features:

  • Heat resistant handle for easier handling of wok
  • Long-lasting smooth surface with anti-hot handle
  • Strong fastening to ensure handle does not become loose during handling
  • Easy storage – just hang your wok on your kitchen wall
  • Use minimal oil for healthy eating
  • Suitable for gas stove only
  • Suitable for cooking big portions and avoid spillage of food during cooking process
  • Non-stick coating makes it easier to clean after cooking

Care Guide & Maintenance:

  1. Wash and season it before use
  2. Use warm water and suitable detergent with non-abrasive sponge or cloth
  3. Do not over heat, high heat can damage the coating over time   
  4. Do not use cooking sprays on non-stick cookware
  5. Avoid preheating an empty non-stick cookware
  6. Avoid storing food in your non-stick cookware
  7. Let the non-stick cookware cool off first before washing
  8. Use the right cooking utensil recommend wooden and silicone utensil and avoid sharp edges