Little Fiz 400W Spray Disinfectant Smoke Machine with Remote

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Brand: Little Fiz
• Dimension: 23cm x 12.5cm x 11.5cm
• Voltage: 220v
• Power: 400W
• Remote control wire length: 290cm
• Power Cable length: 100cm
• Warm-up Time: 10min
• Smoke Distance : 3M,
• Sustained Smoke Time: 30-40S,
• Suitable Area: About 20 Square,
• Amount of Smoke: 6000 Cuft / min,
• Compact and light weighted
• Suitable for disinfecting of homes, Vehicles, classroom, hospitals, office buildings, and more
• Keeps areas safe from harmful bacteria and germs
• Can be operated from a distance using remote

1. Compact size and lightweight - the machine weight is only 1.8kg, easy to carry around when you disinfect your room, office and car.

2. Easy to operate: Add disinfection solution, after the standby device is heated, you can start to atomize the disinfection solution, 360 ° no dead angle sterilization.

3. Two control methods, you can choose to start by wire or remote control according to the actual situation.

Applicable Place:
1. Home
2. Office
3. Shop - Restaurant, Saloon, etc
4. Kindergarten, child Care centers, tuition center
5. Car

How to Set-up a Fog Machine
1. Please read the instructions in order to familiarize yourself with the features of the fog machine.
2. Carefully remove your fog machine from the box. Place the fog machine on a stable and flat surface. Use the included screws to attach the handle securely into place.
3. Remove the cap to the fluid reservoir. Please use high-quality fog liquid (Do not use Alcohol). Plug in the fog machine to a grounded electrical outlet. The machine takes about 2-3 minutes to warm up before they can begin making fog.

1. Always check whether there is enough fog fluid in the tank before each use to avoid danger.
2. Do not spray fog to people directly and keep it far away from fire or other heat resources.
3. Do not touch the housing of the machine during operation, it can be very hot.
4. Keep at least 120 cm away from the nozzle during operation.
5. Empty the tank and clean the pipe after each use.

What’s included: 1 x 400W Spray Disinfectant Smoke Machine with Remote

For this machine, if you want a lot of smoke generated from this machine please use FOGGING LIQUID (Dr Bac 99)

For normal liquid which is not FOGGING also can be used to kill the bacteria. But will not generate smoke from this machine.

All machines have been tested before delivery and all are tested and in working condition.