Jo's Gradient Stainless Steel Flasks 4 Sizes Drinkware Set- Food Flask,Drink Flask,Coffe Mug & Insulated Cup

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Product Material:
Premium 304 Stainless Steel

Product Size:
I) Food Flask - Dia: 10cm x Height: 19cm, Capacity: 800ml
II) Drink Flask - Dia: 6.5cm x Height: 25cm, Capacity: 500ml
III) Coffee Mug - Dia: 8.5cm x Height: 11.5cm, Capacity: 500ml
IV) Insulated Cup - Dia: 6cm (Bottom), 10cm (Top) x Height: 17.5cm, Capacity: 500ml

Product Features:
I) Food Flask:

*Comes with 1 foldable spoon (304 Stainless Steel)
*Wide Mouth, Easy To Consume
*Can Eat Directly From The Flask
*Can Work Like a Regular Thermal Cooker
*Convenient for people who want to cook porridge, soup & light food without fire or electricity
II) Drink Flask:
*Can Drink Directly From the Flask
III) Coffee Mug
*Easy To Carry With Handle
*Full Loop Designs Fit Mitts Fully & Easy to Grip
*Ideal to use as an Outdoor Travel Mug and also In The Office as well
IV) Insulated Cup
*Comes with 1 S/S Drinking Straw & Cleaning Brush *Ideal to use as an Outdoor Travel Cup and also In The Office as well Combine USP for Set
*Safe, Stable & Durable
*Leak Proof & Easy To Clean
*Keeping Warm Up To 10 Hours
*Convenient, Portable & Easy To Use
*Suitable for working adult who wants to keep their drinks at a certain temperature for long hours
*Hygiene & food safe grade food flask make life easier & healthier