About Us


As Conceptwin stepped into its 15th year Anniversary, to meet increasing customer needs and our business growth, Conceptwin has transforming into O2O business model to meet the new demand brought by the changes in consumer buying behavior, which leads to the setup of digital marketing department, investing in big data analytic to develop more quality yet affordable products.
We are well aware of the current, economic difficulties present within the world and this will mean that we need to get extra creative and aggressive in our sales methods and marketing ideas. Tough times are for us to get tougher and not use the current climate as a negative block but rather an energizing spring board for new ideas.


In year 2021, Conceptwin will become an Omni Channel retailer,
a preferred national brand by Malaysians and leading supplier
in general merchandises in Malaysia.


In year 2021, Conceptwin is ready for digital transformation with the support of our experience digital business partners with big data analytical support system, and making O2O new retail business model comes true. On the other hand, our operation team is going to improve the logistic and fulfillment systems so that the overall operations are ready to handle huge online orders and deliver highest customer satisfaction within targeted time frame.