Jo's Marble Elegant Cookware 9pcs Set

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Product Material
*Forged  aluminium                                                             
*5-layer non-stick marble coating                         
*Heat-resisitant coating           
*Handle&knob:bakelite with wooden soft touch

28cm wokpan:
Dia: 28cm 
Height: 9.5cm
Weight: 1669gram with lid
Bottom: 3.3mm

24cm frypan:
Dia: 24
Height: 4.7cm
Weight: 650gram
Bottom: 2.99mm

24cm soup pot:
Dia: 24
Height: 11.1cm
Weight: 1533gram with lid
Bottom: 2.94mm

16cm frypan:
Dia 16cm
Height: 7cm
Weight: 700gram,
Bottom: 2.8mm
Rim: 4.0mm

*Even heat distribution
*Imitation of die-cast pot shape
*Not easily deformed
*Can be used in various stoves
*Bakelite handle comfortable to hold
*Heats up quickly

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