Little Homes Steamer Cooking Pot 2 Tiers Multi-Functional Steamer Pot 28cm with Tempered Glass Lid

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Product Specifications:

Material: Stainless Steel 410 with Tempered Glass Lid

Size: (Dia)28cm x (H)23cm (full height)

Product Features:

• High Quality Steamer with Glass Lid

• Glass lid provides a snug fit to seal in heat and moisture

• Glass lid allows easy monitoring of food while it cooks

• Mirror polish, elegant nobility and easy to clean

• Promotes healthy eating as cooking with this steamer requires no oil

• Food nutrients are stored for your family to enjoy a wholesome meal

• Suitable use for Electric and Gas Stove

• The stainless steel and rust free feature makes it an ideal tool for all your steaming needs

• Multi-functional pot ideal not only for steaming but also for boiling, stewing, braising and all kinds of cooking

• 2 Tiers – Suitable for simultaneous preparation of food, steaming of vegetables and boiling of soup


Product care: Before use, first wash with water, then washed several times scalded with boiling water, pasteurized.

How to clean: Use a soft cloth and warm water and diluted by tableware detergent, do not use alkaline bleach, metal scouring pads